Engaging Design for Annaul Reports

Tell your business’ story in a compelling way.

The annual report is the single most important communications tool a company can produce. It goes directly into the hands of its shareholders and the financial community. Fillit Communications has created thousands of annual report books across industries and 30 years. This gives our team a unique ability to maximize the impact of your annual report.

Fillit Communication’s Values

Our Knowledge and Expertise are The Keys To Our Success

Corporate Design on the Cutting Edge

Bring numbers and datapoints to life!

We specialize in the design and production of high quality, affordable corporate materials including:

    • Annual Reports
    • 10k Wraps
    • Interactive Annual Reports

Since we specialize in the design of annual reports, we are constantly on the cutting edge. We began creating digital annual reports as a way to make critical information interactive.

The Fillit Story

For 30 years, Fillit Communication has specialized in design and production. Our clients come to us for high-quality annual reports, corporate materials, and web projects. We are one of the largest vertically integrated producers of annual reports. We have been integrating new media into corporate communications packages continually.

Our Verticals

Meet our Diverse Spectrum of Clients:

Our Policy

It is our policy to keep clients in close contact during the creative and production process.

Fillit guarantees its customers a direct working relationship with the principals of the firm. The personal attention of a partner ensures high-quality output and service. We respond to all client’s questions and changes at every phase of production. Our sensitivity and regard for this principal-to-principal relationship remain the foundation of our success.